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About Us

Clear Lake High School is consistently one of the top rated schools in Texas and in the United States. In 2014, the campus earned all six distinctions from the Texas Education Agency: Reading/ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Closing Performance Gaps, and Post-Secondary Readiness. 

Our curriculum consists of 436 courses for students to choose to prepare themselves for college, university, technical school or a career. Courses are offered at a regular level of study as well as an advanced level. Regular courses are the courses in which the greatest portion of the student body enrolls. Advanced Academic, Pre-Advanced Placement, and Advanced Placement courses are advanced level classes that provide students with more concentrated study in a particular field.

The mission of Clear Lake High School, the launching platform to infinite possibilities, is to ensure each student becomes a confident and contributing citizen who leads and serves with integrity, self-awareness, and passion, cultivated in a school community distinguished by meaningful relationships, inspirational learning experiences, and freedom for innovation.




Students Noel Jones, Abella Knott, and Joshua Bumpas at Clear Lake High School have taken the initiative to create a weekly podcast. Entitled “I Was a Teenage Murderer” the 20-30 minute podcast revolves around true crime events told by hosts Knott and Jones.         “It was kind of a half-joke but then now we’re doing […]
Since the cold front appeared, we have been experiencing unpredictable weather. Students have expressed their opinions. “It’s really nice. Cold is welcome in Texas,” Freshman Alexis Sedeh said. Almost everyone who lives in Texas knows how the weather could be freezing cold one day and boiling hot the next. Unfortunately some people are feeling ill […]
On Friday, October 27, the second season of Stranger Things was made available to stream on Netflix. Stranger Things is a very well-loved sci-fi television show, and the release of season two was highly anticipated by fans of the series, such as junior Wyatt King. “The plot of Stranger Things kicks off when a young […]